Risk Advisory Services

An effective system of internal control can aid an organisation in its response to business, operational, financial and compliance risk. Entities regulated by the PRA and FCA must ensure they have an effective system of internal control in place in order to respond effectively to these risks. Currently, the need to control conduct risk is of critical importance.

An effective system of risk advisory services should respond to those risks identified as critical to the business in the performance of core activities. Once established, this system should play a visible role in the governance framework and should include the support of suitably experienced Non Executive Directors along with the other members of the Board.

Mazars are able to facilitate the design, implementation, monitoring and development of the systems of risk advisory services which are in operation within your organisation. Offering outsourcing, co-sourcing and secondment arrangements, we have the resources and the expertise required to aid in the achievement of your risk advisory objectives.

Our expertise covers a range of areas including:

The potential advantages of working with us include:

  • Creating, enhancing, and protecting stakeholder value;
  • Aiding in the achievement of competitive advantage by enabling your organisation to be risk focused;
  • Increasing your credibility with regulators, customers and providers of finance;
  • Provision of more timely and accurate management information for key decision makers; and
  • Enabling a more efficient and value-added assurance framework.