Risk Management and Internal Controls

Today's commerce is facing with a very complex and competitive environment. Market penetration, diversification, and globalisation create new opportunities for growth. On the other hand, compliance, reporting requirements, and operational efficiency create challenge for many companies. As a consequence, companies expose to different risks and require mitigating risks through effective risk management function and internal control procedures.

Our Business Risk Service ("BRS") team comprises well-trained and experienced staff to provide value-added and cost-effective professional services to our clients for them to address risks they are facing today. Our BRS offers clients with the following services:

  • Internal control review - identify gaps or deficiencies against industrial practice and provide recommendation for improvement
  • Internal audit outsourcing - provide access to internal audit methodology, practice, and resource
  • Enterprise risk management - facilitate management to identify risks, prioritize risks, mitigate risks, and establish sustainable risk management process
  • Implementation assistance - team with management to work out a solution that fits management's expectation and company's existing resources to improve a specific internal control area

Our methodology has been developed to facilitate the effective and efficient delivery of high-quality internal control services. Our service culture is to provide a high level of senior staff involvement led by our engagement partner. From the initial planning stage, to field work stage, and finally to reporting stage, our executives and senior staff are involved on a day-to-day basis to monitor the progress of an engagement and client service satisfaction.