Nomad Sweden, Summer 2011 - "Sweden’s return to dynamism"

To the other countries, Sweden’s image is of a prosperous country with a national culture that is firmly anchored in social development and support for human rights. It is often also viewed as an example to follow in terms of environmental policies. Not having participated in a single armed conflict in two centuries, Sweden has consistently based its relationships with other countries on international cooperation and multilateralism.

At the same time, Sweden succeeded in developing a modern and efficient production base and a very strong economy. Like its flagship companies – Volvo, H&M or IKEA – the country registers one of the highest growth rates in the European Union. Together with its Scandinavian neighbours, it represents a high-potential market with strong development opportunities. For Mazars, already present in Denmark, moving into Sweden fulfils a dual objective.



  • Prosperity and social development
  • Wide-view angle - Social democracy fostering economic performance
  • Interview of Jan Eliasson, former Ambassador and Foreign Minister
  • Mazars in Sweden
    • A new player going global
    • Mazars SET, ready to meet the challenges of an evolving market
  • Success story - ABV Rock Group
    • From Stockholm to Riyadh
  • Kiosk


Mazars in Sweden

Please visit Mazars in Sweden website for more information on the local practice.


Nomad Sweden - Spring 2011 - ENG

Nomad Sweden - Spring 2011 - ENG