Nomad Russia, Summer 2010 - "A major power between heritage and modernity"

Following an uncertain decade, Russia has regained its status as a major player on the international stage since the start of the new century. With a rich and often complex history behind it, the world’s largest country is, once again, a first-rate global power.

At the crossroads between East and West, Russia is one of the centres of gravity in today’s multi-polar world. It has considerable assets to its name: a wealth of mining resources, a successful and diversified economy, a dynamic domestic market, wide-reaching cultural influence and renewed international impact.

For Mazars, like for many Western companies, the Russia of the 21st century is very much a priority development area. The Group has been active in Moscow for 15 years and has experienced spectacular growth in a sector which is expanding rapidly. With the festivities of the France-Russia Year in full swing, it would seem that the time is right to devote this latest edition of Nomad to Russia. Economy, history, arts, culture and society are all covered over the next few pages to give you better knowledge and understanding of the complexities of a nation with considerable growth potential.



  • The return of a giant
  • Wide-view angle - A history shaped by war and conquest
  • Interview of the French Ambassador to Russia, his excellency Mr. Jean de Gliniasty
  • Mazars in Russia - Continuous growth since 1995...
  • Success story - Mazars and Valode & Pistre, Prestigious architecture
  • Kiosk


Mazars in Russia

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