Doing business in the Netherlands

Ever thought of doing business in the Netherlands? And what this country has to offer you? Next to the opportunities, you need to think about the challenges before setting up business activities. The Dutch fiscal climate can affect your business positively, but can also have a negative impact, when not taking the right steps. Your activities will be successful only if you and your company are familiar with the Netherlands and the principal rules and regulations. Mazars’ accountants and tax advisers will help you and act as your personal guide.

Why the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is potentially one of the best places in the world to conduct business over the next five years, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest business environment rankings. There are many reasons for you to do business in the Netherlands. For example, the favourable fiscal climate, the macroeconomic environment and the infrastructure. Additionally, the Netherlands is an important gateway to many other countries in Europe.

Information guide For entrepreneurs like you, Mazars has created an information guide about the Netherlands. It gives you an overview of the competitive advantages of the country, based on ten categories:

  1. The macroeconomic environment
  2. Infrastructure
  3. The political environment
  4. Policy towards free enterprise and competition
  5. Foreign trade and exchange controls
  6. Policy towards foreign investment
  7. Market opportunities
  8. Financing
  9. The labour market
  10.  Taxes 

With this information at hand, you not only know what to expect when doing business in the Netherlands. You will also get an insight into the opportunities this country has to offer.

For more information, download 'Doing Business in Netherlands'.


Doing business in the Netherlands 2019_CN 荷兰经商指南 2019 VF.PDF
Doing business in the Netherlands 2019_​CN 荷兰经商指南 2019 VF.PDF