Doing business in Singapore

Considering Singapore as a potential location for your business is a smart choice.

In 2019, Singapore was ranked as No.2 in the world for its ease of doing business by The World Bank.

Indeed, Singapore offers many outstanding advantages: a highly qualified workforce, strategic location in Asia, stable political environment, low tax rates, business friendly legislation, significant investment incentives, world class infrastructure with top ranking port and airport, member of ASEAN, a high quality of life with world class international schools and a state-of-theart medical environment.

This guide offers you an overview of the main features of Singapore as a potential location for your business.

This guide is meant to be a practical resource and will be updated regularly. For more details and specific advice relating to your business, please contact us using the details on the last page of this guide.

We look forward to welcoming you to Singapore. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our Guide.

For more information, download 'Doing Business in Singapore'.


Doing business in Singapore 新加坡经商指南_2019中文版VF.pdf
Doing business in Singapore 新加坡经商指南_​2019中文版VF.pdf
Doing Business in Singapore Brochure - 2019.pdf
Doing Business in Singapore Brochure - 2019.pdf