Data Science

At Mazars, we provide data-driven solutions for various corporate decision-making issues.


We deploy disruptive and highly innovative data-driven solutions that solve companies' most complex and critical business issues, while generating significant incremental and measurable value. Our unique method of prescriptive analytics modelling brings you the most insight and value from your data.

We advise our clients on adopting frameworks on how they collect and process, manage, store and utilise the data for better decision making. We also help analyse the quality of the data, using tools and models to enhance data quality, and analysing the data to spot patterns and provide valuable insight.

Our Technology

  • Disruptive machine learning algorithmic
  • Optimized workflow throughout the data analysis chain
    • Efficient data preparation
    • Traditional and new machine learning techniques
    • Custom-developed heuristics and algorithms
  • Exhaustive, deep and unbiased processing of data
    • explore large, multiple, heterogeneous data sets
    • Identification of root causes and consequences
  • Visualize and simulate business impact in a deployed web-app