Nomad South Africa, Spring 2010 - "South Africa - Spotlights on the driving force of Africa"

The first Soccer World Cup held on African soil allows visitors and television viewers internationally to discover the many faces of a country that is now at peace with itself and fully engaged on the world stage. Encouraged by its remarkable development potential and exciting cultural diversity, in the decade leading up to 2010, South Africa has been able to acquire quality infrastructures in the telecommunications and financial services sectors that help make it the leading economic power in Africa.


Thanks to its dynamic domestic market as well as its standing as a regional economic linchpin, South Africa is a primary development zone for Mazars, which now has several offices in all the major cities.
In this issue of Nomad we invite you to explore what South Africa has to offer. We take a look at the South African economy and financial arena, Mazars’ presence and growth prospects in the country, as well as its culture, literature and sport.


  • Wide-view angle - South Africa opens up to the world
  • Economy - Solid governance practices and a healthy financial system
  • Mazars in South Africa - Solid roots for future growth
  • Success story Stefanutti Stocks Ltd Pushing forward with Mazars
  • Kiosk


Mazars in South Africa

Please visit Mazars in South Africa website for more information on the local practice.


Nomad - South Africa - Spring 2010 - English

Nomad - South Africa - Spring 2010 - English