Nomad Pakistan, Summer 2012 - "Pakistan: Windows on a rising power"

A young population, an efficient university system, a dynamic culture and rich and fertile soil; this is Pakistan. In spite of remarkable assets and the acknowledgement of Pakistan as an emerging player, the country’s image remains somewhat indistinct; notably for investors.

Situated in the centre of a region currently going through political, economical and social challenges, Pakistan is very rarely presented in a favourable light. Reality is more complex than appearances. Pakistan is a mixture of people and cultures with a strong potential to become a major player in the coming decade. For the past few years, Pakistan has benefited from the support of prominent international donors. The country’s open policy to trade has allowed it to build strong commercial ties with China, the Middle East and United States.



  • Beyond Appearances
  • Wide-view angle - The challenges of a young nation aspiring to democracy 
  • Interview of Mr. Saleem H. Mandviwalla, Minister of State for Investment and Chairman of the Board of Investment (BoI)
  • Mazars in Pakistan 
    • Serving the Asian continent’s emerging markets
    • Partner to major international organisations
  • Client focus - Mazars and the World Bank: promoting woman empowerment
  • Kiosk


Mazars in Pakistan

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