Bank News - June 2014

For nearly a year now, more than 100 large European banks have been subject to an unprecedented assessment exercise considering its scope and resource requirements.


Undoubtedly, most Bank News readers have been impacted, directly or indirectly, by the Asset Quality Review and will continue to be dedicated to meeting the European authorities’ stress test demands in the coming weeks. 
Therefore, this issue doesn’t aim to explain the process of the exercise but instead shed light via diverse contributions- from auditors, analysts, consultants and academics – on the Comprehensive Assessment in preparation of the Single Supervisory Mechanism. However, this might not necessarily be a one-shot exercise. There is a possibility that the ECB could require banks to re-execute the exercise again in the future.


  • The banking industry tracker
  • Mazars' insight: Asset quality review & stress tests
  • Investors' expectations of the asset quality review 
  • AQR Interview: Hervé ALEXANDRE, Professor and Head of the Banking and Finance programme at Paris-Dauphine University


Bank news - June 2014

Bank news - June 2014