Doing business in China 2021

The 2021 Doing Business in China guide has been prepared to provide an overview of the People’s Republic of China to investors wishing to do business in this booming market.It features topics such as setting up business entities in China, tax and financial systems, financial reporting and audit standards, immigration and employment, etc.


  1. General information about China
  2. Setting up a foreign investment enterprise ( “FIE” )
  3. Immigration
  4. Employment
  5. Foreign exchange control
  6. Corporate income tax ( “CIT” )
  7. Transfer pricing ( “TP” )
  8. Turnover taxes
  9. Other major taxes and duties
  10. Individual income tax ( “IIT” )
  11. Tax treaties

This guide aims to provide key indicators for business and economic conditions in China, which is a practical resource while you consider doing business in China. Mazars in China is pleased to provide you with further information and assist you to flourish your business with confidence.

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