Mazars Guangzhou helps Couleurs de Chine with pro bono accounting assistance for 8 years

In recent years, Benoit Stos (Managing partner of Guangzhou office), Joanna Ye (Audit Senior manager), Vivian Tan (Audit Assistant Manager) and Vivian He (Financial Manager) visited the association of Couleurs de Chine which is located in Da nian Village, Rong shui County in the north of Guangxi province, China.

They reached the destination after 7 hours’ drive on the mountainous road from Liuzhou airport and spent 3 days work with the help of the in charge of Couleurs de chine in Danian Office.

Meanwhile, they also met some students and teachers in the schools and villages. The hardship of life with only basic amenities and rudimentary living standards, as well as the unique traditional costume and marvelous landscapes definitely impressed our colleagues.

Why Mazars and Couleurs de Chine are working together?

Mazars Guangzhou started cooperation with Couleurs de Chine more than 8 years ago. It was interesting for Couleur de Chine to get some professional advice how to manage some financial aspects of an organization in China. For Mazars, it was a good way to contribute to the development of the education in such remote area of China.

What do we do for Couleurs de Chine?

For more than 8 year, Mazars Guangzhou office sent a team to the village of Danian every year to review some financial information prepared locally, including cash and bank transactions, some payments for the construction of the schools, of administrative expenses and other expenses.

We than spend some time to prepare a report including some recommendations which help the association to improve the financial management year by year. We also spent some time to visit some schools, to meet some children, some teachers and headmasters.

About Couleurs de Chine

"Couleurs de chine" association was founded in 1990 by a French lady Françoise Grenot-Wang to promote the Miao, Dong and Yao Chinese ethnic minorities. In 1998 Françoise, known as Fangfang in Chinese, settled in Danian in the north of Guangxi and steered Couleurs de Chine's work towards securing an education for primary school age children prioritizing girls.

With the support from Couleurs de Chine and the generosity of their sponsors nearly 4500 children attend school in 2016 (primary, middle school, high school and college).

Nearly 12000 children have been sponsored and 300 instances of building or renovating educational structures have been carried out in 16 years. 

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