Benoît Stos presented the key points of the European Chamber (Pearl River Delta region) Position Paper 2012/2013

This year the position paper is based on the theme "the way to a sustainable business environment for European companies in China".

The annual Position Paper of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Mainland China has been launched in 2000 and presents  a list of recommendations resulting from working groups discussions (which are composed of representatives from various industries). The Position Paper will be presented to relevant Chinese Ministries, European Union Member Governments and European Commissioners for the purpose of improving the business environment of foreign-invested enterprises in China. Mazars is supporting this important document since 2010.

This year the Position Paper lists more than 600 recommendations by 35 separate working groups.  Mr. Benoît Stos, Managing Partner of Mazars in Guangzhou and Board Member of the European Union Chamber in the PRD, took part at the event in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai and presented the local section of the Position Paper for the PRD at its launch in Shenzhen and Zhuhai to the high representatives of the local economy and government.

During the presentation, Benoît emphasized the importance of higher market transparency  and presented the latest development of the PRD economy’s transfer into a fully integrated and self-consistent location for advanced and high-end industries.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with the Board Members of the European Union Chamber, during which Benoît shared his cutting edge knowledge in accountancy and advisory as well as on the hot topic of the VAT Pilot Reform. He also expressed his points of view on the current market limitations for SMEs  and  business climate in the PRD economy.

The key recommendations of the PRD Position Paper are:

  1. Brand the PRD as a fully integrated region with transformed economic growth
  2. Prosecute Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) offences and improve transparency of IPR enforcement decisions
  3. Develop a more transparent and talent-oriented labour market
  4. Integrate various logistics functions in the PRD and urgently optimise customs operations and procedures
  5. Communicate clearly and efficiently the newly-implemented rules on the control of foreign employees residing in PRD
  6. Ensure that central and provincial policies are similarly implemented by officials of the same level in different cities of the PRD in order to improve the business environment
  7. Improve PRD living environment in term of services for foreigners
  8. Encourage the implantation and development of SMEs in the region by continuing efforts to provide a friendly environment and facilitate their access to a wider market.

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