Mazars starts to apply flexible working mode

Mazars Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Office physically open on February 10.  To ensure the safety of clients and employees to the greatest extent, Mazars has taken a series of measures to deal with the epidemic prevention and control.

Measures Before the Chinese New Year

  1. Cancel all business trips to Wuhan and reduce those to other cities.
  2. Suggest colleagues to see doctors if they get fever.
  3. For colleagues having a trip plan to Wuhan during the Chinese New Year  leave, we suggest them cancel the trip.
  4. For colleagues with travel history to Wuhan recently, we track their physical status to ensure they are in good health.
  5. Purchase masks before the Chinese New Year holiday for emergency use.
  6. Arrange colleagues to work from home on Jan. 23rd – the day Wuhan was on lockdown.


During the Chinese New Year, Mazars executive board and department heads discussed epidemic prevention measures and formulated security strategies, set up WeChat groups with all staff in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and updated all employees on the latest information and arrangements at the earliest time.


Measures During the Chinese New Year

  1. We planned work resumption measures for BJ, SH & GZ offices.
  2. We collected all colleagues’ in-and-out record and expected return routes information to ensure all the staff are safe and in good condition.
  3. We purchased body temperature detectors, masks, medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer and other materials. 
  4. We contacted the property management office to disinfect the workplace, bathroom and dining room etc.
  5. IT and admin team was on standby to support all colleagues for teleworking.


Conditions for Colleagues Need Observation

  1. Colleagues returning from other provinces and cities shall be self-quarantined at home for 14 days.
  2. Colleagues who have close contact with patients of novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia or has taken any means of  transportation for which suspected or confirmed case(s) has/have been reported should be self-quarantined at home for 14 until they are in   good health.
  3. Colleagues with the following symptoms in recent days, i.e. catch a cold, have a fever, conjunctivitis, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. should go to the hospital or be self-quarantined at home for 14 days until they are in good health.


To reduce the risk of the epidemic, Mazars offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have taken the following measures since February 10:


Measures since February 10

  1. Encourage colleagues to work at home before the end of February.
  2. All colleagues entering the office area should take their temperature in advance and wear masks.
  3. Cancel all business trip arrangements in February.
  4. If colleagues need to work on the premises of the clients in the suburb of local city, hotels are not recommended.
  5. Temporarily stop inviting visitors to the company.
  6. If colleagues have to go to client’s office, they need to get the client’s permission and confirm that staff on-site from both sides have been self-quarantined for 14 days and are in good health.
  7. Collect the latest health status of all employees. Control the number of colleagues working in the office at the same time.


The values we live by date back to our founding fathers and have never stopped guiding us. They represent the core of the principles we apply every day, with our people, our clients and wider society. Talents are the core of our company. As the most important asset of Mazars, employees’ safety is our top priority. In face of the epidemic, Mazars will provide you the strongest support wherever you are.


We will update and adjust our prevention and control measures according to the follow-up epidemic situation.  Protecting the health and safety of employees is our first task.  We will provide protection for everyone as best as we can, and jointly fight against the epidemic.