Global China Services

Mazars’ Global China Services’ mission is to assist foreign companies in their inbound strategies and Chinese companies in their outbound strategies.

The Mazars Global China Services (“GCS”) team is a dedicated group of professionals operating in 50+ countries outside China to support the development of Chinese companies overseas. Together with ZhongShen ZhongHuan (“ZSZH”) and thanks to our overseas China hubs, we combine local expertise with a global reach.

Our International Team

As an integrated partnership, we are dedicated to sharing our insights and best practices for compliance with local regulations and laws. We not only inform our clients about the rules and limitations but more importantly, we strive to create joined-up business solutions articulated in a sensible cultural context for our clients to execute. They can thus succeed in market after market without fear of falling foul of all the varying and confusing legislation with which business leaders are confronted when going.

Working hand-in-hand with our ZSZH colleagues in China, the Mazars GCS team is dedicated to providing first-rate services to outbound Chinese businesses, following in the footsteps of our clients. Our one-stop service can be initiated, coordinated and deployed seamlessly, thanks to Mazars’ global integrated partnership. We are located in major commercial hubs in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Our multilingual professionals, both in China and local countries, are equipped with the skills, insights and global perspectives needed to achieve success. We introduce our clients to local businesses practices and cultures in order to help them to hit the ground running in their new homes in more ways than you might expect.

Business stories and references

1. Overseas operations

We are specialized in the audit of overseas operations

  • Haier: In 2014, Mazars was appointed as the statutory auditor for the Group in 23 countries located in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. In 2016 we expanded our audit mandate to the USA.

2. Large companies in China

Together with ZSZH, we serve 200 large listed companies and SOEs in China

  • From various sectors: Our track record includes companies in Aerospace & Defense, Banking, Construction, Energy, Distribution, Telecom and Transport and Logistics

3. Large companies outside China

For more than two decades, Mazars has worked with large Chinese firms outside China

  • Telecom: Our client is a Chinese multinational telecom company. Mazars in the Netherlands assisted him with Dutch income tax compliance (300 Chinese expats).

4. International SMEs and Mid-sized companies

Based on our experience, we help small and medium-sized Chinese companies invest in new markets

  • Infrastructure: Our client is a listed company in the property development industry in China. Mazars was appointed to perform buy-side financial due diligence for a Singapore entity that has a joint venture investment in China 

5. Financial Services

Chinese banks and insurance companies are amongst the top 10 world players

  • Banking: Our client is the UK subsidiary of a Chinese Banking Group, one of the world’s largest public banks in terms of total assets and market capitalization. Mazars in the UK conducted an IT audit review on behalf of the Group to better understand their IT environment, infrastructure and applications. 

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