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Mazars in China has set-up a German Desk to assist German-speaking companies at all stage of their corporate development.

No other economy in the world has been undergoing such a significant growth spurt as the Chinese.  During this time frame, the Chinese-German relationship has developed to become a significant commercial success story.  China is together with the USA, the most important export market for German products outside of Europe. Furthermore, Germany is by far China’s most important trade partner in Europe.  As a German-speaking company, you can reap the benefits of this important partnership through our German Desk.

The German Desk’s multicultural team comprises German native speakers as well as trilingual professionals fully able to handle German speaking companies’ issues thanks to their cross-border experience, highly developed skills and dual qualifications in German-Hong Kong or German-Chinese accounting and regulatory requirements. 

At Mazars, the German Desk professionals can also draw on the expertise and knowledge of the specialist teams in Audit & Assurance , Outsourcing & Accounting services , M&A services, Advisory , Tax Compliance and Advisory , and Training  as required by the on-going assignment.

In addition, Mazars’ international and integrated partnership structure allows our German Desk professionals to work closely with Mazars Hemmelrath’s teams in GermanySwitzerland , Austria  and Luxembourg  on cross-border assignments.


Supporting German speaking companies to settle in China

Mazars in China can support German-speaking businesses planning to invest or operate in Hong Kong or Mainland China by providing the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Support in preparing the business plan
  • Company formation and corporate secretarial services
  • Negotiations with banks
  • A structured approach when setting up your business

Supporting German-speaking companies in their Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in China

Should you consider M&A activities in China, Mazars in China can help you with the following services:

  • Transaction services, including the following diligences:
    • Due diligence
    • Feasibility studies
    • Valuation
    • Assistance in the negotiation and implementation of representations and warranties.
  • Corporate Finance, especially:
    • Acquisitions and disposals
    • Equity restructuring
    • Corporate evaluations
    • Merger / demerger

Supporting German speaking companies settled in China

For German-speaking businesses which already operate in Hong Kong and/or Mainland China, Mazars can provide the following services:

Supporting Chinese companies to settle and fund in German speaking countries

Mazars in China is directly connected to the Chinese Desk in Germany, part of Mazars China desk EU platform , to provide seamless services to Chinese companies planning to invest in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or Luxembourg.

Our services encompass:

  • Providing documented understanding on the business environment, accounting framework and tax differences between Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and China
  • Performing market entry feasibility studies and investment environment analyses
  • Navigating through the IPO process in the German-speaking financial markets
  • Identifying acquisition targets in German-speaking countries and all related compliance work
  • Assisting Chinese companies and individuals with their tax obligations and providing payroll and social welfare services
  • Assisting Chinese companies in converting financial statements from/to German GAAP, Austrian GAAP, Luxembourg GAAP or Swiss GAAP, IFRS and Chinese GAAP or providing technical reconciliation services


Mazars can assist German-speaking businesses in their corporate development with German Desk resources in the following countries:

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German Desk (Deutsche Version)

Mazars hat in China einen German Desk eingerichtet, um Unternehmen aus deutschsprachigen Ländern bei ihrem Markteintritt sowie jedem Schritt ihrer Unternehmensentwicklung in China unterstützen zu können.

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