International Desks

Mazars has set up International Desks to assist both foreign companies in their business in China and Chinese companies in their international growth strategy.

Global China Services

Mazars China Services Group is a dedicated group of professionals with particular expertise in serving Chinese clients. Mazars Group, an integrated global partnership, by aligning the resources of Zhongshen Zhonghuan with two dozen overseas China desks and combining local expertise with a global reach, enables Chinese enterprises prepared flexible and vital resource to cope with the challenges of global expansion, in an ever-changing international landscape.

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Japan Desk

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Mazars has set-up Japan Desk in different countries to assist Japanese companies at all stages of their corporate development.

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German Desk

GERMAN DESK-1086x202
Mazars in China has set-up a German Desk to assist German-speaking companies at all stage of their corporate development.

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French Desk

FRENCH DESK-1086x336
Mazars in China has set-up a French Desk to assist French companies at all stage of their corporate development.

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