International Desks

Mazars has set up International Desks to assist both foreign companies in their business in China and Chinese companies in their international growth strategy.

Global China Services

Mazars China Services Group is a dedicated group of professionals with particular expertise in serving Chinese clients. Mazars Group, an integrated global partnership, by aligning the resources of Zhongshen Zhonghuan with two dozen overseas China desks and combining local expertise with a global reach, enables Chinese enterprises prepared flexible and vital resource to cope with the challenges of global expansion, in an ever-changing international landscape.

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Japan Desk

Japan 1600 per 500px.png
Mazars has set-up Japan Desk in different countries to assist Japanese companies at all stages of their corporate development.

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German Desk

GERMAN DESK-1086x202
Mazars in China has set-up a German Desk to assist German-speaking companies at all stage of their corporate development.

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French Desk

FRENCH DESK-1086x336
Mazars in China has set-up a French Desk to assist French companies at all stage of their corporate development.

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Doing business in Hong Kong 2019

Mazars in Hong Kong is part of the Mazars group, unique as an international, integrated and independent partnership. Mazars is also a member of the Praxity Alliance, which ranks among the top 10 of the international accounting firms in size and global billings. Mazars in Hong Kong specializes in audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services, corporate finance, business risk assessment, corporate restructuring and forensic investigation services. We focus on providing value in meeting clients’ needs - whether they are individuals, OMB’s / SME’s, or multi-national corporations. We also work closely with our 30+ Mainland China offices in delivering professional services through multi-lingual teams experienced in both international and local requirements and regulations. Mazars in Hong Kong recognizes that a comprehensive range of skills, expertise and experience can make all the difference to the success of your business. We therefore offer a complete range of services that can provide for all your business needs. Even when highly specialized services are required, Mazars Hong Kong is well equipped to serve as your coordinator to oversee the successful completion of your assignment.

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Doing business in Asia-Pacific 2017-2018

Mazars' Doing Business in Asia Pacific is a practical guide for businesses who have invested or are looking to invest in the region.

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Doing Business in Vietnam 1086x202

Doing business in Vietnam

Mazars in Vietnam present its updated guide for anyone looking to do business in Vietnam with the latest developments in investment incentives, business structures available to foreigners, tax, labour and foreign exchange controls as well as general information about Vietnam and its economy. Doing Business in Vietnam 2018, as its previous annual editions, has been prepared available in digital format in English and French. It does not cover exhaustively the subjects it treats, but it is intended to answer some of the important broad questions that may arise. When specific issues arise in practice, it will often be necessary to consider the relevant laws and regulations and to obtain appropriate professional advice. Whilst not intended as formal advice, this guide provides commentary on many of the issues to be addressed when considering commencing any business activity in Vietnam. This publication is another step in our continuous work to support foreign investment in Vietnam and to provide transparent information to prospective investor or already established businesses. Producing this is a great example of our multi-disciplinary teams working together to create a seamless and useful publication.

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