"Nomad" is a magazine prepared by Mazars with the objective to present on a country of its international partnership.

Nomad Sweden, Summer 2011 - "Sweden’s return to dynamism"

To the other countries, Sweden’s image is of a prosperous country with a national culture that is firmly anchored in social development and support for human rights. It is often also viewed as an example to follow in terms of environmental policies. Not having participated in a single armed conflict in two centuries, Sweden has consistently based its relationships with other countries on international cooperation and multilateralism.

Nomad South Africa, Spring 2010 - "South Africa - Spotlights on the driving force of Africa"

The first Soccer World Cup held on African soil allows visitors and television viewers internationally to discover the many faces of a country that is now at peace with itself and fully engaged on the world stage. Encouraged by its remarkable development potential and exciting cultural diversity, in the decade leading up to 2010, South Africa has been able to acquire quality infrastructures in the telecommunications and financial services sectors that help make it the leading economic power in Africa.

Nomad China, November 2007 - "China, an awakened giant"

Since the 1980s and the opening of its economy, China has experienced spectacular growth. The country has progressively become "the world's factory", and finally also, with the transfer of sovereignty for Hong Kong in particular, a major global financial player.