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Bank News - July 2015

We are pleased to share with you the latest issue of Mazars’ banking newsletter, Bank News, which brings regular updates and insights into the banking sector.

Bank News - December 2014

On 26 October, after an unprecedented exercise which has involved thousands of people over a period of nearly a year within almost 130 banks and banking supervisors, the ECB published the results of its comprehensive assessment of systemic financial institutions.

Bank News - June 2014

For nearly a year now, more than 100 large European banks have been subject to an unprecedented assessment exercise considering its scope and resource requirements.

Bank News - December 2013

In a global climate of near-recession, the African continent has seen rapid economic development in recent years and has succeeded in maintaining average growth rates of around 5% since 2000. This momentum, and sound and promising long-term prospects, have led to an increasing flow of investment from players worldwide, but have also brought about a rise in African businesses and the birth of major pan-African entities.