Paul She shares his passion for writing with Jemelyn Yadao

Whether it’s about the latest accounting issues or the hottest Hong Kong eateries, many CPAs are passionately putting pen to paper – or keystrokes to screens.

Paul She, Practising Director at Mazars Hong Kong, shares one of his passion with Jemelyn Yadao for her article "Authors of their destiny"...Writing!



No jargon required

When it comes to writing, coming up with fresh and humorous ideas for the content is Paul She’s golden rule. Like an experienced writer, SHE, practising director of audit and assurance at Mazars, constantly keeps the interests – and attention spans – of his target readers in mind. He writes two to three articles a month for the SCMP’s Education Post, and enjoys it tremendously.

In one of his articles, he explores technical jargon that only auditors understand and explains what they mean to his student readers,while another focuses on what auditors “can’t live without” – the calculator. In another article, SHE creatively writes about the top seven “weapons” of an auditor. “For example, a ruler, a laptop and a highlighter,” SHE says with a laugh.

SHE, one of the deputy conveners of the Institute’s 25.35 Young Members Leadership Panel, also writes for that group’s blog and Facebook page. “I write news that relates to the profession,” he explains. “I have to select events that I think are suitable or relevant for young accountants and write a few sentences about it and post them.”

His style of writing seems to be working, as he has gained a fan base. “When I go to student events, for example the recent Institute career forum in Cyberport, they [the students] said ‘I love your articles’ or that they think it’s funny and interesting,”he says. “That’s the most wonderful reward writing has given me.”


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  • A+ magazine, November 2013 issue
  • Article by Jemelyn Yadao
  • Photos by Anthony Tung

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