Francis Nip in Accounting & Business Magazine

Despite their relative wealth, high standard of living and great amenities, the residents of Hong Kong and Singapore are some of the least happy in the world...


According to a recent study published by Gallup , although Hong Kong has 6th highest GDP per capita (in 2011), only 69% of its residents feel happy while the country with the highest percentage of happy residents (85%), Panama, post a GDP per capita which is more than 70% lower than Hong Kong.  

Nicky Burridge investigated in the reasons making the Hong Kong residents feeling unhappy for her article in Accounting & Business China magazine, the in-house magazine of ACCA, and interviewed Francis Nip , Audit Senior Manager at Mazars Hong Kong office. 

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  • Source: AB China Magazine, April 2013 issue
  • Article by Nicky Burridge