Francis Nip in A+ Magazine

Today, accountants are taking charge of their careers at an earlier stage. Jemelyn Yadao talks to bright Institute members under the age of 35


Francis Nip , Audit Senior Manager at Mazars Hong Kong office, has been interviewed by A+ Magazine for its article on rising stars in accounting firms. 

Extract of the article


Prepare to fly

Speaking to university students at a career forum, Francis Nip, 33, was asked whether striking a work-life balance in CPA firms was tough. His answer was this: “For the first 20 years of your life, you live happily, study happily with your family and friends. The next 20 years, you have to work. So at the age of 40, you will have balance in your life,” laughs Nip. 

Another Institute member, Nip was recently promoted to senior manager of assurance and business advisory at Mazars. “From my experience, working over-time means when we deliver more than we expected, the extra effort we contribute is less than the harvest we can enjoy afterwards,” he says.

Nip’s efforts have even taken him to war zones. Last year, he flew to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, and went again in July to visit coal mines located in remote terrain to inspect operations there. “Tajikistan is a beautiful country,” he says. The country has been fractured by violent civil and ethnic conflict since the 1990s. 

Hostilities were renewed as recently as July. “[It] is still rebuilding,” Nip says. “We have seen United Nations soldiers in the hotel we stayed at, and mercenaries stationed at the mine sites.” Nip hails the range of diverse assignments he has been given at Mazars as the reason he improved his skills. “I’m lucky, I have many opportunities to explore,” he says. 

“We are not specialized so I’m never assigned to a single large assignment or a specific industry or a specific region’s clients,” he adds. “I work with different clients from different locations and in different sizes.”



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  • Source: A+ Magazine, December 2012 issue
  • Article by Jemelyn Yadao
  • Photo: Samantha Sin