Benoît Stos interviewed by Guangzhou Morning Post

Benoit Stos' first visit to Guangzhou was in the mid-1990s, when he was taking a Chinese language class at Sun Yat-sen University. Little did he know then that he would eventually return with Mazars and come to call Guangzhou his home.

Benoît Stos, Managing Partner of Mazars Guangzhou office, has shared his professional journey to Guangzhou with Joyly Chen, Deputy Managing Editor of the Guangzhou Morning Post .


Being in the Guangzhou region since 2006, Benoît has seen the fast-pace change and acquired a good understanding of the local economy. He strongly believes that the region is a dynamic market which managed to keep the "local flavour" while offering many opportunities for Western companies to grow.




  • Article published in Guangzhou Morning Post (19 April 2013)
  • Article prepared by Joyly Chen