You will find here information about the events organised by Mazars in China and about events we take part in.

Webinar Invitation ——Interpretation of the 2019 IIT (Individual Income Tax) Annual Filing Under China's New IIT Law

The new IIT law has taken effective starting from 1 January 2019. The IIT reform is commonly perceived as the most significant reform implemented in China in the field of Individual Income Tax since 1994, and has preliminarily realized the comprehensive collection from the previous collection by category.

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Invitation - Mazars Infrastructure Summit: Focusing on Africa & Brazil

Mazars, Clyde & Co, together with CIETAC (China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission), invite you to attend the infrastructure summit in Beijing and Shanghai focusing on "examining the opportunities and challenges of infrastructure projects in Africa and Brazil".

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INVITATION ——In-depth Analysis of the newly amended PRC VAT and IIT Law and Relevant Policies

Recently there have been many changes in VAT and Individual Income Tax (“IIT”). Those changes would have great implications for individual and corporate taxpayers alike. For corporate taxpayers, the influence would be extended along the supply chains. In other words, not only the companies themselves would be affected, but also their suppliers and customers would be greatly influenced.

On the other hand, IIT also has great impact on individuals and their employers. Failure to comply on time would result in penalties and great inconvenience to taxpayers themselves and their employers.

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Invitation —— In-depth Analysis of the Newly Amended Implementation Regulations of the PRC IIT Law and the Relevant Policies

As the new implementation regulations of the PRC Individual Income Tax (“IIT”) Law and relevant circulars have been finalized and issued, it is now time for us to understand their implications not only for individual taxpayers but also for other stakeholders (such as their employers and service recipients).

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Invitation —— Tax Planning Cases Seminar on Transnational Investment and Operation (Beijing)


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Seminar Invitation —— Tax Revenue and Legal Risk of Chinese Enterprises' Overseas Investment and Solution (Shanghai)


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Julie Laulusa addressed a speech on "The impact of China social evolution to consumer behavior change"

Julie Laulusa addressed a speech on China Tax updates to MEDEF and to CCIFC

Invitation for a corporate governance seminar

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Mazars CPA Limited will conduct a corporate governance seminar for Hong Kong listed companies on the amendments to The Risk Management and Internal Control section of the Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Report of the Listing Rules to be effective for accounting period on or after 1 January 2016.

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Mazars experts from Asia-Pacific region held 2 seminars on the new BEPS

On 5 October, the OECD has issued the Final Reports on the BEPS 15 Action points. The OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project provides governments with solutions for closing the gaps in existing international rules that allow corporate profits to ‘disappear’ or be artificially shifted to low/no tax environments, where little or no economic activity takes place.

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