What is Mazars' audit philosophy? For us, audit is a way of supporting our clients success. Audit is more than just checking financial statements. It means providing the support our clients need to help their business grow.

Our responsibility as an auditor goes beyond simply enforcing standards and rules; it demands a dynamic understanding of the company as a whole.
We therefore help our clients to produce, validate and interpret the economic and financial data they require for the efficient handling of:

  • Risk management
  • Strategic decision-making and value added
  • High quality shareholder disclosures

To ensure that our opinions are totally independent, we decided from the outset not to work in certain areas we believe to be incompatible with our position and to take a firm stance on conflicts of interest. Our commitments to objectivity and independence are laid down in our Ethical Charter.
We perform the following types of audit:

  • Statutory audits
  • Acquisition audits
  • Evaluations
  • Information system audits