Shanghai - Senior Financial Consultant

Location: Shanghai Office 工作地点:上海
Type of employment: Full-time 雇佣类型:全职
Report to: Line manager汇报关系:部门经理

Job Responsibility & Accountability:

Your day to day role will be to manage a team responsible for providing outsourced accounting services to a portfolio of clients. As team leader you will be expected to:

  • Prepare accounting reports for use by client’s management
  • Prepare financial statements for statutory purposes
  • Ensure that the accounting services provided by your team are completed on time whilst maintaining a high standard of quality
  • Develop strong client relationships
  • Motivate, develop and train the accountants within your team
  • Assist the Assistant Manager to:

       1)    Prepare proposals to prospective clients

       2)    Improve the quality control and internal processes of the Accounting Department

  • You may be required to undertake the role of Client’s Financial Controller, providing their Board of Directors with relevant analysis, value-added and business-oriented comment on their financial results
  • You will also have the opportunity to perform one-off assignments such as establishing accounting process, control procedures or supporting business advisory projects


Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting
  • Minimum 3-years’ experience in the accounting field preferably within an international company
  • Certificate of professional accountant
  • Intermediate Level certificate of professional accountant
  • Strong knowledge of the Chinese Tax regulations
  • Computer literate and familiar with several accounting applications
  • Highly competent in both written and spoken English(English and Japanese Speaker is plus)
  • CPA, Tax auditor, or other international accounting qualification
  • Eager to develop both existing and new skills for a successful career
  • Proactive attitude with ability to both identify and find solutions to problems
  • Able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
  • Intermediate accountant or CPA holder is preferred




  • 编制会计报告供客户管理层使用
  • 编制法定财务报表
  • 确保团队所提供的会计服务按时高质量地完成
  • 建立牢固的客户关系
  • 激励、发展并培养团队中的会计成员
  • 协助经理及主管:
  1. 协助编制提供给潜在客户的提案
  2. 完善会计部门的质量控制和内部流程
  • 可能需要担任客户财务主管的角色,为其董事会就财务情况提供相关分析、增值及业务方面的意见
  • 也可能会承接一次性任务,如确立会计流程、控制流程,支持业务咨询项目等



  • 会计学本科学历
  • 在会计领域有至少3年的工作经验,拥有跨国公司经验的优先考虑
  • 持有专业会计师证书
  • 持有中级会计师证书
  • 熟谙中国的税务法规条例
  • 良好的计算机操作能力并且熟悉会计应用软件
  • 优秀的书面和口头英语能力,会日语者优先
  • 注册会计师,税务审计或其他国际会计资格
  • 渴望提升你现有的技能,追求职业生涯的成功
  • 以积极主动的态度与突出的能力,实现解决问题的方案
  • 能承受压力和时间紧迫的工作
  • 中级会计职称者或者注册会计师获得者优先录取