Shanghai - IT engineer Assistant

Location: Shanghai Office 工作地点:上海
Type of employment: Full-time 雇佣类型:全职
Report to: Line manager 汇报关系:部门经理

Job Responsibility & Accountability:

  • Directly report to the accounting and outsourcing department senior manager,
  • Develop tools and program under VBA for Excel and Word,
  • Develop tools and program under Sharepoint,
  • Propose IT solution to improve work efficiency of the team,
  • Maintain accounting software,
  • Work on project based assignment.

Job Requirements

  • College degree or above, major in computer or IT engineer. At least two years experiences using in programming.
  • Proficient in programming language VBA, Macro and codes of sqlserver and other major databases. Knowledge of database models and database functional design.
  • Familar with hardware and network,
  • Familar with office software and Excel
  • Proactive, with practical ability to implement financial software projects, ability to work under pressure, good communicative skills, a team player and a self-learner



  • 直接向会计与外包部门高级经理汇报
  • 运用VBA开发Excel和Word工具及程序
  • 运用Sharepoint开发工具及程序
  • 提出IT解决方案,提升团队的工作效率
  • 会计软件维护
  • 进行基于项目的工作


  • 计算机、会计等本科学历以上,至少有二年以上编程经验;
  • 精通sqlserver数据库及其他大型数据库编程语言及其代码分析,了解数据库模型与数据库功能设计;
  • 熟悉硬件、网络;
  • 熟悉office software, 熟练运用Excel各项功能
  • 有较强的上进心和执行项目财务软件实施能力、沟通协调能力、抗压能力和团队协作精神及自我学习能力;