Shanghai, Beijing - Junior Auditor

Location: Shanghai Office 工作地点:北京、上海
Type of employment: Full-time 雇佣类型:全职
Report to: Line manager 汇报关系:部门经理

Job Responsibility & Accountability

  • To provides assistance with the initiation of engagement process 
  • To finalize working papers (including working program and section memos)
  • To Follow work programs, uses appropriate referencing
  • Diligently following up “open” items;
  • To provide assistance in preparation of finalization documents, such as subsequent events review, completion memo, draft reports, etc. (incl. changes after reviews and client feedback)
  • To produce accurate and timely work, identifies valuable findings
  • To understand the ultimate purpose of the work required and participate to an efficient, thorough and profitable audit. 
  • To have an excellent relationship with the client
  • To perform other assigned work


Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in accounting or finance relevant disciplines from major universities in china or overseas
  • Fresh graduates or with 1 year audit experience
  • A strong command of oral and written English, and French is a plus, but not required
  • Proficiency in computer applications, especially Microsoft office software
  • A good team player, responsible and dedicated to work
  • Faster learner and able to work under high pressure
  • Drive, inquisitive, leadership potential, good organization and interpersonal skills are the advantaged personal attributes for this position



  • 协助启动审计业务流程
  • 完成工作底稿(包括工作程序稿和章节小结)
  • 跟进工作程序,合理索引
  • 竭力跟进未结项目
  • 协助编制完结文稿,如期后事项审核、完工小结、报告初稿等(包括审核后的变更及客户反馈)
  • 准确及时地完成工作,寻求有价值的发现
  • 理解工作要求的终极目的,进行高效、全面且效益可观的审计
  • 维护良好的客户关系
  • 完成分配的其它工作



  • 学士学位或以上,中国或国外重点大学会计或财务相关专业
  • 应届毕业生或一年及以上审计工作经验
  • 流利的英语口语和优秀的英语书写能力
  • 熟练掌握计算机应用,特别是微软办公软件
  • 有团队合作精神,对工作有责任心和奉献精神
  • 学习能力强,能够在压力下工作
  • 主动,好学,领导潜力,良好的组织能力和交际能力是应聘此职位的有力条件